creatureKIND is a small 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals in need.

Our programs assist with medical and re-habilitation expenses to give abandoned companion animals a better chance to leave the shelter system or to remain in a loving home. We provide a support system for individuals trying to help stray dogs & cats in need of re-homing, or families no longer able to provide a home for beloved companion animals due to unforeseen circumstances. We help support the efforts of volunteers who work tirelessly to feed and care for feral cat populations.


We pay tribute to Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Asher, who devoted herself to helping abandoned cats and dogs in her South Los Angeles neighborhood.

Elizabeth Doster Asher

Elizabeth “Betsy” Asher, a music industry insider and self-described political news junkie, died Dec. 18, 2018 in Los Angeles. She was 75. She was born April 9, 1943 on Parris Island, SC to Paul Burney Doster and Elizabeth Fredrickson. They precede her in death.

Betsy worked in the coffee houses of New York’s Greenwich Village and as a publicist before moving to London. By the time she relocated to L.A., the musicians and songwriters she had known in the Village had become household names in rock music. Journalists and biographers often sought Betsy’s unique perspective on the career arc of some of the most iconic musical artists of the last century.

Betsy was passionate about animal welfare. She recruited her new neighbors to aid in her efforts to spay and neuter feral cat colonies in south L.A. and to find homes for stray dogs. She is survived by her sister, Jo Doster, brothers, Paul (Jean) and Michael, and nephew, Vlad Doster, all of Nashville, TN.

Services will be held Saturday, February 23, 2019 at noon at Los Angeles Community Church, 10611 South Hoover St., Los Angeles, CA 90044. There will be visitation with the family one hour prior to the service and immediately following.

In lieu of flowers and to honor Betsy, and to continue her compassionate care for animals, donations may be made to creatureKIND: The Betsy Asher Fund, P. O. Box 112, Topanga, CA 90290.

To honor her memory, friends & family will continue to support those efforts, including the continued care of the stray cat colonies she set up and help manage. A little kindness goes a long way and Betsy will always remain a shining example of that.

Here are just a few of the many creatures she saved, nurtured and re-homed in the last few years, which included animals in need of medical care and surgeries, socializing and training; a small dog she witnessed being thrown from a moving car; a husky she took from an abusive drug addict and of course—an incalculable number of stray cats and kittens, many of whom were re-homed, including MEEP, pictured here with the signature Beany Baby toy Betsy gave to all are rescues.

This is one kitten left behind from the litter born in Betsy’s neighbor’s downspout. That neighbor dislikes cats and asked Betsy to remove them. She did, then placed the box of kittens in Mrs Russell’s back yard, where all the cats lived 5 years ago. The mom took all but one, and at dusk Betsy went into Mrs Russell’s back yard with a large tray of food and water for all the cats and kittens, and Betsy bottle fed this baby and sat to observe the other kitties to see if mama would return.

She did not, and Betsy bottle fed Meep 3 more times In Mrs Russell’s back yard. I took Meep home on her second day in the box, to relieve Betsy of bottle feeding duty. But Betsy continued going over to Mrs Russell’s house daily with that large heavy tray of food, sitting for hours observing and talking to the kitties, befriending and naming all of them. Betsy continued to call on Mrs Russell and bring her meals and sweet gifts every week. Betsy fed all of those cats for months and then years until Kitty Bungalow held TNRs and fixed every stray cat in the neighborhood. Over 50 cats were spayed, neutered and vaccinated. Betsy continued to feed those fixed colony cats in a cat shelter Guellermina built in Betsy’s back yard. The kitties have all been fed and cared for daily by Betsy personally until her body could no longer support her, then by paid helpers until the day she passed away, and you now care for them and soon their care will pass to another kind Animal loving soul at 111th and Baring Cross.


Betsy encouraged a little stray dog to finally come into her yard over a week; then we took him to the shelter to see if he had a chip and to let him get his owner back. On the way there I texted a coworker who mentioned they wanted to get a dog. This little guy is so adorable and well behaved, I told them to look at that face and he needs a home. They said ok and the next morning he was at Spay4LA being neutered and vaccinated and deflead, then driven to his new Redondo Beach home. Happy ending to a quick rescue!


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GRACE is a sweet and loving young american pit bull rescued from the shelter where she sat in the corner shivering with fear.


Now fully vetted and trained, this beautiful girl
( pure white but for one ‘eyebrow’ ! ) is ready for a home of her own. Grace LOVES other dogs.

Please fill out an application or contact us for further information.

Location : Los Angeles, CA.

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JIMMY is a medium size Belgian Shepherd/ Cattledog x rescued from the streets of Tijuana.


Loves humans and dogs alike………..but most of all this dog loves his tennis ball!

Jimmy is a healthy active 7 yr-old looking for a family of his own.

Location : San Diego, CA

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WINK is a sweet & loving cat who came by his name due to a hereditary condition which does not affect his health but has shuttered on eye.


If you are looking for a big purring goofball to snuggle with please contact us about Wink.

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Here are a few of the sweet creatures whose lives changed for the better:


Gracie, abandoned and alone on the streets, protected and cared for her lone surviving puppy, Oscar.

Of course with the special bond they formed, we made sure they were adopted into a loving home together.





Scrounging for food at a fast food restaurant, JRT x, Jackson was re-habilitated and now enjoys life on a ranch with his horse friends, and naps on his big brother !





For another great family who had wanted to adopt him, we found Pippa. She & another un- spayed stray dog, Julie, filthy, matted and starved, had followed a little boy home from school ( he must have had something tasty in his backpack ! )














Nora was so scared when we first rescued her, she cowered in the back of the crate, then hid under a bed for three days. Slowly this shy Akita x puppy, learned to trust again, and after months in a caring foster home, is confident & happily enjoying lots of adventures with her new family.




Sometimes a smile says it all !













Older dogs can be more of a challenge to place, especially when they may have developed a few quirks along the way, but here are three sweet dogs, all herding breeds, who had fallen on bad luck ( one lost her Mom to cancer and was taken to the pound by an uncaring family, the other two were left behind in yards when families moved ) These herder breeds are highly intelligent, sensitive dogs who were so grateful to feel safe and loved again, they never stop smiling

Cowboy & Bowie





Senior dogs, especially with medical issues can take even longer to find the right home for, and it takes a special person to give their heart to a dog, knowing the time they will share with them is limited. COWBOY & BOWIE were both abandoned dogs with the sweetest natures, who required continued medical care in order to place them in loving homes. Sadly, Bowie, who we knew to be around 12 years old and riddled with arthritis, succumbed to cancer months after an exceptional family took him home because “ we want to give back by adopting an older dog, to repay all the dogs who brought us so much joy over the years.” To provide comfort and love in this way, is a special and most noble kindness indeed.


palomaThe same kindness is found in people who decide to adopt dogs who have all the cards stacked against them. Breed, age, and most of all, behavioral issues that are deemed impossible to resolve due to their past abuses. PALOMA is one such dog. Living in a kennel for three years almost broke her spirit, and certainly contributed to the cancer which was later discovered in the form of a tumor on her head. Despite the fact she was such an affectionate, loving girl toward everyone she met, the chances of finding the right home were slim. Then along came Meri ! Within days, Paloma was settled in her home and without the stress of her previous existence, she exhibited signs of pure joy all day long, enthralling her new parents with her antics. Even when it became increasingly clear, despite all the efforts made, that Paloma could never be fully trusted with other dogs, even when the cancer was first discovered, even when Meri and her husband had their first baby………….nothing deterred these wonderful people from keeping the dog they loved with all their hearts.

Jasper & Mochi













Both of these wonderful dogs, JASPER & MOCHI, had been living lives of neglect and suffering, kenneled for over two years, but both were so grateful to be rescued from that horrible existence, they soon forgot their sorrows . The wonderful lesson dogs teach us is to forgive and move on . These two can never get enough belly rubs to make up for lost time !





















We care about felines just as much as canines !

With invaluable help from our wonderful volunteer foster families, we help as many cats and kittens as possible. Here are just a few of them. As with dogs, we ensure that all of the cats in our care are fully vetted, including testing for FIV & FELV ( we placed two FIV positive cats recently ! ) spay, vaccines, microchipping. We only adopt cats into indoor homes for safety reasons. We adopt kittens in pairs, unless there is
an existing playful cat in the home. Here are a few of the cats and litters of kittens we rescued and placed in 2016. Senior cats are perfect for senior citizens !



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We take a lot of animals into our care that need training or have medical conditions, including seniors and special needs dogs and cats. We never board animals, we place them in good foster homes and provide all needed supplies until the right home is found. creatureKIND is a 501c3 non profit so your donations are tax-deductible.

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It takes a lot to break a dog’s spirit. A dog’s ability to love, even when abused, is tremendous. It’s spirit and willingness to love and to be a companion over rides all else.