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A 501c3 non-profit organization, creatureKIND was founded with the purpose of helping to make the world a better place for animals, especially those we have domesticated and have a responsibility toward. We endeavor to bring more awareness to the underlying issues which lead to unnecessary suffering and death for millions of dogs and cats every year, not just through rescue of animal in need, but through programs which help educate, encourage and provide incentives for positive change.

These programs include ‘Merchandise with a Message’ , which promotes kindness and brings awareness through merchandise, the profits from which, are then used to support essential programs such as ‘Pay to Spay’, an incentive driven approach to encourage the spay & neuter of dogs and cats, who may otherwise contribute to the problem of pet over-population.

Check out this article about us at the Huffington Post:
Sweet Dogs Dumped at the Shelter Almost Run Out of Time



Helen Storey

founder & executive director of creatureKIND, has been an animal welfare advocate and rescuer for over twenty years, and lives in Los Angeles, CA.





Board of Directors


Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald









Antonio Alfaro








Jim Stein









Liz Stein










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  1. Did Maisy & Bear get adopted together in 2013? I just watched a youtube video and was just wondering what happened to them. They had very kind foster parents.
    Debbie Sides
    Parksville, SC

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