Creature Comfort Program

A program designed to provide much needed items for companion animals that can help eliminate some of their suffering by providing a little comfort, such as a dog house for a dog forced to live outside in all elements, or an orthopedic bed for a senior dog . This program also provides necessary supplies to help keep a beloved pet with a family who cares, but does not have the resources to obtain a much needed item, such as a bark collar for a dog that neighbors have filed a complaint against or a training collar and leash for a family trying to properly train a dog.

Our goal is to create a depot of much needed supplies (purchased with donations and donated by manufacturers) and distribute them through a network of trusted animal welfare and rescue organizations, in addition to city and county facilities.

Make a difference for a companion animal in need.
Your $25 donation will provide a training collar (we provide a complimentery i.d tag)
Your $50 donation will provide an orthopedic bed for a senior pet
Your $75 donation will provide a bark collar (which will be re-cycled once the dog has been trained)
Your $150 donation will provide a small dog house
Your $ 250 donation will provide a large dog house

DONATE a new or gently used item (contact us for drop off sites or pick up for larger items)

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