There are so many stories to share and none of them possible without the support of our fellow animal lovers like you.

We wish all of our friends & supports a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, and give special thanks to everyone who donated their time to help us by fostering and volunteering in any way. We could not do this without all of you. Here are a few of the companion animals rescued, vetted, re-habilitated, trained, and adopted into loving, caring homes in 2015.



IZABELLA & ESTELLA, the Schnoodle ( Schnauzer/ Poodle ) sisters, rescued from a balcony in Tijuana, having spent their entire lives living a neglected, flea ridden life.





KAYLA, a 3yr-old Shepherd x, one of three siblings, abandoned in a remote wilderness area and found by a hiker, near starvation and scared.



MACY, a 6yr-old Shih Tzu, found in a horribly neglected state on the streets of L.A, severely matted with infected bite wounds, eyes crusted shut and in need of dental surgery to remove several abscessed teeth.





BABY, a teeny terrier was thrown from a moving car on Mothers Day, suffering multiple fractures. During surgery by Dr. Balfour of ASEC, previous fractures were discovered. After a horrible life of abuse, this loving girl recovered from her trauma with doting foster parents, who ultimately adopted her.




ARCHER & SHADOW, came to us as emaciated, untrained, anxious young Labs, victims of a divorce. Pure breed young dogs are always easier to find homes for, but still needed to be fully vetted before the right home could be found, one with several young children , which is what they were familiar with.





ADELYN was taken to a vet to be euthanized by the heartless woman who had neglected a simple case of mange for so many years that it caused chronic hair loss and discomfort . Horribly infected ears and eyes, which created near blindness for this loving girl. After months of foster care and medical treatment, Adelyn was adopted by a very different kind of woman, who will love and care for her.




BAXTER typifies the kind of dog, purchased as a white fluff ball of a puppy, never vetted or neutered and without any form of ID, neglected and eventually found as a stray, if lucky enough not to be hit by a car or suffer an equally horrible fate. He came to us with separation anxiety due to his past trauma, and as with most dogs that come from irresponsible homes, needed to be house and leash trained.





FRANKIE had spent months kenneled in the the back of a clinic, soaked in his own urine, having been brought in partially paralyzed when hit by a car. This young adorable Cockerpoo soon regained use of his back legs once in foster care, but our vet determined the nerve damage was so severe he would be incontinent for life…….luckily there are wonderful people out there with room in their heart for special needs dogs like this one!






PALOMA, a 7yr-old Pit Bull, was depressed and emaciated, after spending 3 long years abandoned in a kennel. After a little rehab & training, and the dedication and love of the couple who decided to foster adopt her, this sweet girl is enjoying life once more!






Bonded pairs of dogs always take longer to place, especially when one is fearful of men and the other needs extensive jaw surgery. GINNY & AIDEN were rescued from a kennel which had been their home for over a year, vetted and re-habilitated in a loving foster home, and adopted into a great home together, where they will never know fear and neglect again.





Meet DREW, who is still waiting for her story to have a fairytale ending. She is another of the dogs in our care who had been abandoned in a kennel for half of her young life. Only 2 yrs-old but never trained or vetted. Now Drew has spent the past 6 weeks with one of our in-home trainers, she is fully trained and ready for a home of her own. Please contact us if you would like to meet this playful 48lbs of pure love.


We rescued and supported the rescue of over 20 cats and kittens in 2015, including these adorable siblings who were adopted into a home together, after having been found hiding from Coyotes in an abandoned shed.





“I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have these 2 beautiful and sweet little puppies!” – Marion & Steve









Louis is a very cute Malti-Poo who is 3-4yrs old and very easy going.

Found as a stray without ID, so we have no idea of his history but he was clearly loved and has no issues. He is very good with dogs and cats but loves people the most and would make a wonderful companion for anyone looking to adopt a dog they can take anywhere or just be home with – he would love to be your constant companion. Easy dog that would also be perfect for a senior or anyone who is house bound or not able to exercise very much.

Maltese Mix – Male
Age: Young Adult
Compatibility: Good w/ Most Dogs, Good w/ Most Cats, Good w/ Kids and Adults
Personality: Low Energy, Very Submissive
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current


Home at Last !

Here are some of the dogs & cats which were rescued by creatureKIND, vetted, chipped, trained and placed in loving forever homes. Since it was founded in 2012, creatureKIND has rescued or funded the rescue of hundreds of companion animals, and provided medical care or training to many more.

Thank you for your support !


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