Senior Kind Program

When a companion animal is older than 8 years old, they are considered senior. Just as with people, animals can develope age-related medical conditions. Some of which can be easily treated, some more chronic. Keeping a senior pet in a loving home is always the best remedy, so if we can offer an easy solution to a age-related issue in order to achieve that goal, we would like to. That could be something as simple as an orthopedic dog bed or arthritis medication. For extreme cases where senior pets are at the end of their life, and suffering unnecessarily, we offer funding to help families with humane euthanasia at a local vet.

As recent intervention programs at Los Angeles shelters have proven, there are many ways to help alleviate the suffering of senior pets, that might otherwise be relinquished at a shelter, simply because the family does not have the resources to help their ailing pet. Living in poverty is not a crime or something to make judgements about, but it does give us an opportunity to show some some human kindness and certainly some compassion to the loving animals that depend on us.

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